F1: Verstappen was irresponsible Lead

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Max Verstappen became Daniel Ricciardo’s teammate at Red Bull Racing in the spring of 2016, the pair stayed together until the end of 2018. The Australian saw first-hand how the Dutchman, now known as one of the best in the field, grew up to his task, and during the development, mistakes, accidents and collisions also slipped in. It is memorable that the two pilots knocked each other out at the 2018 Grand Prix .

“I think Max deserves recognition. However, he was usually in this age, which was immature, but he also had an advantage, as he was not interested in anything. He wasn’t excited about pulling someone up, what risks he was taking, he was just going to go with him and drive as hard as he could, ”the Australian said in a podcast.

“I think he didn’t understand the responsibility for the team yet, he was leading stubbornly, which was very well baked quite a few times,” he added.

While Ricciardo has been the experienced, older teammate since 2016, not long before even he was the young man to prove himself, when in 2014 he became a partner of the new four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull…

“I knew what I was capable of, although I hadn’t proven it yet, but I still thought I could be at Seb’s level, if I didn’t beat him, I would be close to him,” he said of the first and only season together, which ended well before the German.

“There were no expectations, no pressure outside of what I was putting on myself. It was an easy thing for me mentally, I was the grinning guy no one expected anything from. That’s when I started this overtaking madness, surprisingly hunting down people. They were with me that okay, the guy got to the forefront through the Red Bull program, but just because they didn’t have another pilot, we don’t have to be afraid of him. I think I put down my business card pretty quickly, which was important because otherwise they would have just been raped with me again, like in 2021. I had to reshape my image, ”he explained.

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