Many believed that Max Verstappen could be the biggest chance at the Formula One Turkish Grand Prix after being surrounded on the grid by riders who tend to be faster. But the madness of 58 laps in Istanbul was everything except the person of the winner, just not a smooth race.

The Red Bull Dutchman only finished sixth in the end: Sergio Perez’s Racing Point was a big challenge for Verstappen, the overtaking attempt almost became a nasty accident.

After that, his race did not turn out as the Dutch had imagined: he got stuck in the traffic and then spun again, at a slower pace at that time. In the end, he finished in sixth place ahead of his teammate. “It was a very tough race, I just slid behind Sergio. We couldn’t overtake, ”Verstappen said after the countdown, adding that starting from the less used arc at the start, he knew it wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. After the red lights went out, he also dropped a few places, but he was able to overcome that disadvantage at the time.

In Verstappen’s mind, what was on the podium, Sebastian Vettel, didn’t turn around. “It wasn’t about switching to slick tires, the track was too slippery for that.”

“We have to forget this race,” he summed up.