F1: Verstappen resigned from the league in advance

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Red Bull’s declared goal was to make Max Verstappen the youngest world champion of all time by 2020. This ship is gone, Red Bull has not become more competitive this year than in previous years, Mercedes is just ahead of the field as before.

“No, not frustrated (the superiority of Mercedes),” he told an official Formula 1 magazine. “I have great respect for what they have achieved. It’s not frustrating that Lewis (Hamilton) is sitting in the Mercedes. To be honest, 90 percent of the field could win with that car. I’m not saying that against Lewis, he’s a great racer, but that car is simply too dominant. ”

“Okay, others might not dominate like Lewis, but you have to accept the situation, you just have to make the most of it. I’m not frustrated, I’m more focused on how we can defeat them. ”

In his own words, however, Verstappen, who is racing “in no man’s land” this year, feels they won’t have much of a chance to beat next year either.

“There is plenty to improve on. First, we always start the season slowly, so it would be important to start with a competitive car right away. How? Well, it’s clear we haven’t figured that out yet, so we need to change our approach. We have to work differently. We are good at how the team works: we are good at boxing positions, we are good at strategy. Beyond these, it is also clear that we are at a disadvantage again this year in terms of engine power. So there is plenty to do if we want to compete with them. ”

“I don’t think we’ll be competing next year either because of the restrictions on car development. Maybe some people on the team will come up with something. As for me, I’m just realistic, I don’t think we can beat them. So next year will be a draw too. Hopefully we will be a little better, but it will still be hard to beat Mercedes. ”

Source: grandprix247.com

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