F1: Verstappen is bored with bananas

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Sebastian Vettel – when he still regularly won F1 trophies – often complained about the modern F1 prizes that shape sponsorship logos, it is memorable that after the 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix, he named – and received – a traditional Herend Cup from the naming Pirelli instead of a simple metal vase.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen feels similar, though, the Dutch still prefer to take anything on the podium, even behind the Mercis, than not to be there in the top3.

“Of course, the greatest joy is to be on the top rung of the podium, but you have to realistically see if it’s possible or not. Sometimes I’m also happy to be second or third. One simply knows that he has made the most of himself, but the opponent is simply too strong, invincible, or something like that. Then you just have to enjoy the podium, ”he said.

“To be honest, the awards were better ten years ago. If I look at the showcase in Milton Keynes, the trophies at the time were much better. I think they’re pretty boring sometimes lately. Of course, in the end they are not very excited, it is more important to have the result. ”

“I have my trophies at home too, but it’s more about the experience of running in first, second or third place,” he continued.

Source: GPfans.com

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