Lance Stroll of Racing Point and Max Verstappen of Red Bull got involved in a strange, pointless incident in the second free practice of the Formula 1 Portuguese Grand Prix.

The two riders collided at the entrance of the first corner after Verstappen retreated next to Stroll but did not return behind in the braking distance and the Canadian simply turned around.

The case was, of course, investigated by the judges, but in the end none of them was held solely responsible, so no penalty was awarded.

Stroll was on a fast lap, Verstappen even let him go on the lap before the incident. Based on the information he received from his team and general practice, Verstappen assumed that Stoll would slow down on his next lap, so he started overtaking in the finish line. Strollt, however, called on the team to start a second quick lap. Stroll assumed that Verstappen, also in accordance with established practice, slowed down to gain space between the two of them, so he did not pay attention to Verstappen’s attempt to overtake.”The stewards wrote.

At the hearing, the pilots agreed that a misunderstanding led to the accident and looked back and saw that they could both have done so to avoid the incident. The judges therefore found that none of them were solely or predominantly responsible and therefore no sanction was required.”The reasoning continued.

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