At the chaotic Tuscany Grand Prix, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton took his 90th race victory and then got out of the car and, during the interviews and podium ceremony, picked up again what he was already wearing on his knee before the start, “Arrest the cops who shot Breonna Taylor!” t-shirt with the inscription.

The case was also investigated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA), as the rules strictly prohibit both teams and pilots from transmitting political messages. In the end, it seemed like nothing would happen, but on Sunday morning in Sochi, the association still changed the rules regarding post-drop procedures.

From now on, riders can only give an interview and step on the podium in the outfit they wore in the car, and you can’t even trick with your underwear: the fireproof overalls have to be pulled up to your neck.

As we reported earlier, Hamilton, who triggered the tightening, was already expecting the tightening. “I didn’t talk to anyone specifically, but I heard new rules are coming up about what we can and can’t do,” he said, adding that the rules can’t stand in his way anyway if he wants to tell his own.