F1: This year’s Ferrari is basically bad

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Last weekend’s Tuscany Grand Prix was also Ferrari’s 1000th Formula One race, but the Maranello team was “meagerly“ celebrated ”: Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel finished 9th and 10th in the Mugello chaos race, also Ferrari. behind Kimi Räikkönen sitting in a motorbike Alfa Romeo, and Monaco could only thanks to the Finnish time penalty that he finally advanced to 8th place.

The Ferrari, repainted for the anniversary weekend, performed a hair better than the Zeroes and Monza, but the car was still uncompetitive, preceded by a slight exaggeration in the race by those who had just walked there.

Team boss Mattia Binotto painted a devastating picture herself after the race, again hinting that the struggle would take a long time.

“Leclerc is right, we are all disappointed. We just didn’t have the pace. After a few laps, our speed disappeared, which is also reflected in the end result. We have no explanation for it. There will be a minor change for the next race, but we can’t expect anything from him. We need to get back to basics, ”Sky told Italy.

“We are also working hard at the factory to adjust the base package by 2021. We cannot build on small changes. Our problem is fundamental, we need time, ”he added.

Ferrari’s situation is particularly aggravated by the fact that due to the coronavirus epidemic and its (expected) effects, it was decided in the spring to postpone the introduction of a major rule change package until 2022, or even to develop a new car until 2021. they will start.

Source: Sky Italy

Image source (s): Getty Images



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