F1: They figured out how to stop Mercedes

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At the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, a new tightening came into force: the timer and the race had to be done in the same engine mode, and will be so from now on. The tightening was originally brought against Mercedes, but on the timer and the race it didn’t quite look like the rule change would have meant anything.

Although Lewis Hamilton did not win in the end, he only lost the seemingly certain victory due to a rare mistake due to unusual circumstances, and even after falling back to the very end of the field, he smoothly closed back to seventh.

If the race had taken place in the usual channel, no one could have approached Hamilton. McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl says the next year and a half can be settled on Mercedes monopoly, against which only one solution can be imagined.

“I can honestly say that I think we will only have a chance for more exciting races in the next season and a half if Mercedes is somehow artificially braked,” Seidl said.

Until the comprehensive rule changes pushed into 2022, no one has a chance to work out their disadvantage against Mercedes. “Personally, I don’t like the idea of ​​artificially slowing anyone down. For me, this is not Formula One. ”

“But Mercedes would have to talk about this with the FIA ​​or Formula One. Then it would turn out if they would be willing to do that at all. ”

Previously, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has repeatedly acknowledged that Mercedes ’outstanding superiority does not necessarily serve the interests of the sport.

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