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F1: The team boss made a cruel joke


For many weeks, a theme by Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo and team boss Cyril Abiteboul has been betting that if the Australian is on the podium and away, the French will tattoo themselves on a pattern chosen by the pilot. After Ricciardo finished 3rd at Sunday’s Eifel Grand Prix, Abiteboul couldn’t avoid betting questions…

“I always confuse this, but I think it’s up to him to choose the pattern and I can choose the location and size because size matters! So as long as it’s up to me how big it will be, I can actually wear any pattern, ”quoted Motorsport Abiteboult, who also recalled the history of the bet.

“It’s not my style of tattooing, maybe that’s why I bet on this. I remember that night in Silverstone last summer, on Thursday, Daniel showed off his new tattoo. I asked him what would lead him, however, the way he would get to get one tattooed on himself. He said, well, he just went there in front of the salon, and then it was with him that a tattoo would be cool. I thought, okay, I said let’s do it right then: I had a few beers in my head, I told him that if you were on the podium, I’d do one too. ”

“I’m a spokesman, so I’ll do it, I just have to decide the size and location.”

Ricciardo said at the Nürburgring that he was making a pattern that was related to him and Germany as well, but Christian Horner of Red Bull, who had no good relations with his former Australian boss Abiteboull, also spoke:

“Congratulations to Renault on being on the podium again after a long time! We can’t wait for the Red Bull logo to be on Cyril’s back! ” He amused.

Source: Motorsport.com

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