F1: The relationship between Vettel and Ferrari is getting rougher

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Last weekend’s Russian Grand Prix was another unforgettable weekend for Sebastian Vettel, who left Ferrari at the end of the year: the German smashed the car in the second stage of the time trial and fell in midfield density throughout the race, while his teammate Charles Leclerc, who also started from behind. . became.

The relationship between the team and the four-time world champion is only getting worse, it was revealing how the parties evaluated the race.

“At the start, Vettel, who started in the 250th Formula One race, retained 14th place and then spent the entire race outside the scoring places. He changed wheels on lap 31 and then had some overtakes in the final stages of the race, but was unable to cling to the top10, ”Scuderia wrote about the German in his official race summary.

Vettel himself spoke without embellishment after the Russian Grand Prix that the team simply used to hold up the Renault to favor Leclerc.

“I got stuck in the slow flea at the end of the field, that’s all I had for my race. I played the role of an obstacle until my first stand, after that I couldn’t do much. It was clear that I was left out to slow down the Renault. Of course, it didn’t work out for me. I think something could have come together, but it doesn’t matter, ”he said on Sunday.

Ferrari strategist Inaki Rueda responded to German Motorsport-Total with German words, highlighting Vettel’s slowness and not good enough tire handling:

“Vettel didn’t have the pace to overtake. It could have been an option for Grosjean and Giovinazzi, but then he would have been stuck behind Magnussen all the way. We asked Vettel about the condition of the tires, and then we stuck to our own strategy based on that. From lap 17, Seb slowly started to catch up, we got there to switch to the soft mix, but then his tires were finished first, and 23 laps before the end, the soft ones would have been too much of a risk. ”

Source: Motorsport-Total.com

Image source (s): Getty Images



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