Celebrating his 21st birthday last week, the British made a surprising confession in his blog post on McLaren’s website on Thursday. He didn’t paint like that at all, but Norris says he was full of anxiety and nervousness during his debut last year.

“I may have looked like the new guy on the farm, full of self-confidence and enthusiasm, but that wasn’t really the case. I put on a mask and tried to cover up my tension and a lot of anxiety, ”Norris wrote.

Norris also wrote that although he had dreamed of driving in F1 since the beginning of his career when that happened, he became aware that he was questioning his own abilities as well as his self-belief.

“I was worried about knowing enough about all of this and kept comparing myself to my teammate and other riders. You can’t get these thoughts out of your head and it’s very hard to deal with them. I’m confident other pilots have struggled with these before, ”Norris said.

The English rider feels no one wants to favor rivals by showing himself weak, but it could be done against it. “I don’t think we talk enough about mental health in F1, even though it would be really needed.”