Due to the coronavirus epidemic, one of the “legs” of the major rule change package for 2021, the technical changes were postponed to 2022, while the introduction of the spending ceiling was maintained and even reduced from the original 175 million to 145 million next year. frame.

However, after the great encouragement, mine work came, now it turns out that Ferrari has lobbied for relaxation, despite living on the ceiling from January 1 next, due to the expenditure ceiling, the units were postponed by six months to complete the inevitable layoffs and reorganizations.

“If we’ve got a month. We actually asked for more, but in the end it was also a good compromise, ”Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto told Formel1.

Although Ferrari was the initiator, the other major units did not mind the relief either. The Red Bull team boss said that while the vast majority of their workers to be sent from the F1 team will be able to work on a number of other energy-related projects for the energy drink maker, they will also benefit from a later deadline.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who wants to get back on the cutting edge, also welcomes the change:

“We are happy with the regulations, with the postponement providing a soft landing. We’re working on the cost ceiling right now, so it’s helping us too. ”