F1: The champions also bowed down in front of Hamilton

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As is well known, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton also won his seventh Formula One World Championship title with his race victory at the Turkish Grand Prix in very difficult circumstances, bringing in the living legend Michael Schumacher.

Speaking about the 35-year-old English result, Sky Sportsst’s former McLarenes teammate 2009 champion Jenson Button spoke:

“I think Lewis has always been famous for his pace. This race was different now, much less about overtaking, much more about strategy. And that’s what makes Lewis even more convincing: he understood what the tires wanted on the drying track. In terms of strategy, Lewis has developed an awful lot, so it has now become the full package. Seven-time world champion – that’s outstanding! ” Said the compatriot.

“His speed, his innate talent has always been amazing. I could never keep up with the pace, but under competitive conditions, because I don’t think he felt the strategy at the time. He has learned a lot over the years, that makes him such a great racer, always willing to learn and develop. ”

Hamilton, who has a contract expiring this year, recently talked about not being guaranteed to be on the grid in 2021 as well, but after Sunday’s triumph, he has already said “he’s just getting into it now”. Button said the seven league titles will not dull, but will further motivate the pilot:

“Victory is the best motivator. Those who stay in F1 for a long time stay because they win because they love it. If one doesn’t win, it’s much harder, usually that also ends the career, but for Lewis, that doesn’t come for a long time. Everyone wants to win more world titles than anyone else. As a contestant, we always say we don’t care about numbers, but if you already have the same number of titles as Michael Schumacher, you’re definitely going to measure yourself. ”

“It’s about two extraordinary people who are quite different personalities and different racers, but just as talented. Lewis is in a position to break Michael’s record and I think he will break it next year. Then there will be rule changes in 2022, which will be especially exciting to see where he and Mercedes start then. ”

“I sincerely hope that by 2022, others can already squeeze in the Mercedes because that would make Formula 1 better and Lewis would also enjoy the challenge that Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo could pose. We want to see you fight them for victories. ”

Hamilton Mercedes former teammate 2016 winner Nico Rosberg congratulated on Twitter:

“Seven-time world champion – it’s crazy! It is very deserved and clearly one of the greatest achievements in the history of the sport. Congratulations, Lewis, enjoy the celebration with family and friends! ”

Source: Sky Sports

Image source (s): Getty Images



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