An official version has not yet been unveiled, but representatives of Formula 1 teams already last Monday saw a draft race calendar for 2021, in which those originally planned for this year, as well as the new entrant Saudi Arabia, will issue 23 rounds together.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is unpredictable for now how much they will be able to keep from it, but if all is done, it will not be very good, warns Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

“We don’t forget that we are living in extraordinary times. Will there really be 23 races? Will we really be past the coronavirus epidemic by the time we return at the end of March next? Who knows?” – He told.

“But 23 weekends is a lot. I’m also going to race rather than test, but it’s going to be a huge challenge for mechanics. Compared to others, they travel through the world in less than optimal conditions. To be there on the race track from Monday, it’s a total of 23 weeks away from home. This is on the verge of getting a second staff, we have to look into it, ”he continued.

Teams have long warned that over twenty weekends, their traveling workers are threatened with burnout, for which rotation at most can be a solution, but it’s a costly thing that only the more affluent formations can really afford.