F1: That’s why Hamilton’s sentence was revoked

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Shortly before the start of Sunday’s Formula One Russian Grand Prix, it was announced that Lewis Hamilton, who was starting off pole for his 91st race win, had been investigated.

In the English case, the decision was made after the start of the race: Hamilton was given twice a 5-second time penalty plus 1-1 penalty points for his non-designated start simulations. (With these, the number of points increased to 10, to 2 from the one-time ban.)

The pilot was already puzzled during the race and then talked about the judges “wanting to stop” him, while his boss said the penalty was unfair – see miracle, in the evening the stewards changed their minds, canceled 2 penalty points, deputy hit the team 25 with a fine of one thousand euros.

“The stewards also listened to the driver of the 44 car and his team after the race, i.e. they talked to Lewis and Mercedes. They learned that Hamilton had acted on the team’s instructions, based on which they considered the previous decision to be incorrect, revoked the points, and fined the team, ”Michael Masi, permanent race director of Formula One, explained to RaceFans.

“Lewis followed the team’s instructions, and although he drove the car himself, he did so under the team’s guidance, so they changed.”

“I think there was some misunderstanding between Lewis and the team, as Valtteri and all the other pilots used the designated place, i.e. the right side after the boxing lights, for the start test,” Masi continued.

When asked if Hamilton had endangered other riders with his start test at a point far beyond the boxing exit, the race director replied:

“We’re putting the place for the start rehearsals in the interest of safety where everyone knows what’s going on there. I think there is good reason where it is. ”

Source: Racefans.net

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