Lewis Hamilton is already the best in Formula One history in many areas: with 97 poles far ahead of Michael Schumacher’s 68th, 93 victories and a total of 162 podium finishes are better than the German legend’s 91 and 155 values, as it is. it seems certain that Schumit will also catch up in the number of world title titles this year, the only question is when.

At the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend, there will be a good chance of it, as Hamilton now leads by 85 points to his only remaining opponent, teammate Valtteri Bottas, and after Istanbul only a maximum of 78 points can be collected individually, so if the Finn does not score at least 8 points is not enough, because the defending champion is ahead in the number of race wins -, the fight ends.

Hamilton will be a seven-time world champion on Sunday if:

    • win,
    • Will be 2nd while Bottas wins but does not get the fastest round bonus point,
    • closes at least 4th and Bottas no more than 2nd,
    • at least 5, Bottas at most 3,
    • at least 6th and Bottas 3rd without the fastest lap,
    • the 7th so that Bottas is not more than the 4th,
    • 8. while Bottas is up to 5,
    • 9th and Bottas do not close ahead of 6th place,
    • and 10. Bottas is the 6th without the fastest lap,
    • he doesn’t score, but Bottas doesn’t finish ahead of 7th either.