F1: That’s how Stroll played out the test ban

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The Formula 1 2020 race calendar had to be reorganized due to the coronavirus epidemic, and it also included tracks that had been raced by the fast-moving circus for a very long time or never.

To prevent anyone from gaining an advantage over others, as Ferrari did with Mugello, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has banned teams from testing any Formula 1 cars at old-new venues before the grand prize is held, even the otherwise old vehicles that are not subject to a test restriction may not be sent to the track.

Since only 40-year-old Kimi Räikkönen from today has F1 experience of Imola, who “popped in” at the very end of October – the last grand prize was held at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrarin in 2006 – the others will remain a simulator or a skill.

Racing Point’s Lance Stroll is expanding the camp of craftsmen as the Canadian driver tested an old GP2 car this week in Imola, writes the Dutch edition of Motorsport.

It wasn’t that hard to organize, as Stroll’s father not only owns Racing Point – and the Aston Martin carmaker – he bought one of the largest, most professional, multi-series teams in the lower categories earlier in his son’s career, the Italian Prema, the car. so all he had to do was pull out little Stroll.

However, Stroll is not the first to try to get a picture of the Imola track, Mercedes Valtteri Bottas drove on it a few weeks ago with one of the Stuttgart brand’s sporty street models, an AMG A45.

Source: Motorsport

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