F1: “Some want to ruin it”

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Lance Stroll had an easier way to Formula One than many, as his father, Canadian billionaire Ferrari collector Lawernce Stroll, provided virtually unlimited financial resources to build his racing career, having already bought him an entire race team in Formula 3, F1. and prior to his debut, he funded private tests at Williams, and in the summer of 2018 he bought the bankrupt Force India (now Racing Point, Aston Martin from 2021), where his son has been driving since last year.

Although Stroll already won a podium finish at Williams in 2018 at the Baku Chaos Race, and this year he reached the podium again in Monza, many still consider him a simple paying pilot.

“It’s just like that, I’ve recognized it for a long time. Everyone has their own opinion. I tell myself on the track, I try to stay in my own world, I rule out negativity, outside noise. If someone succeeds in something, tries to make their dreams come true, there will always be people who are frustrated, envious, and trying to pull it off with them, that’s the world, ”Natalie Pinkham said in her podcast in Canada.

“I just try to listen to those close to me. Ultimately, only they matter. You can’t please everyone, you can’t be everyone’s friend. Very early, in my first year in Williams, it became clear that whenever I perform poorly, I make mistakes, people jump at me, they try to ruin me in the media. ”

“It’s similar in real life, when I perform well, all of a sudden everyone has been my best friend for a long time, people I just know. Then social media: when I perform well, hatred, noise goes silent, and then when something goes wrong again, it all restarts. The pattern is clear. Now seriously, what else can I do than laugh at this, because if one doesn’t laugh at it, it would be frustrating, one would cry. So I try to take it easy. ”

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