At the chaotic Tuscany Grand Prix, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton took his 90th race victory, then getting out of the car, during the interviews and podium ceremony, picked up again what he was already wearing on his knee before the start, “Arrest the cops who shot Breonna Taylor!” t-shirt with the inscription.

The Breonna Taylor case

The shooting of Breonna Taylor in the US has been brought back into the spotlight in connection with the wave of protests in the Black Lives Matter movement, which started George Floyd’s death. A 24-year-old black paramedic living in Louisville, Kentucky, was shot dead in his apartment on March 17 after police cracked down on him at night suspected he might have drugs through his ex-boyfriend and his current partner opened fire on what he said did not indicate his identity. intruders unknown to him. The controversial but in any case suspicious case is still under investigation.

Hamilton has been active in protesting the Black Lives Matter since the beginning of the protests, wearing a logo on his helmet, T-shirts, and kneeling, which he has tolerated so far, and even helped F1, but may have crossed the line with his latest pull.

The rules strictly prohibit both teams and pilots from transmitting political messages, the Daily Mail reported that the International Automobile Federation (FIA) is investigating whether Hamilton’s Sunday T-shirt and its inscription were of this nature.

If the six-time world champion concludes with an unfavorable result, the competitor may expect a fine.