F1: Sainc is not allowed to prepare

In Formula 1, for cost-cutting reasons, winter testing has already lasted only twice in three days this year instead of the usual four in previous years, but since by 2021 teams will not even build a new car, next year it will even be halved to just three days. get ready to prepare.

Quite a few pilots say it’s too little anymore, so is Carlos Sainz, who has been contracted from McLaren to Ferrari.

“As you might think, it’s practically impossible to prepare for a season and even a season opener in a day and a half with a car completely unknown before. Because of this, it will be quite difficult for half of my Ferraris season, as will Fernando and Ricciardo, for everyone who changes teams, ”Motorsport.com was quoted as saying.

“I don’t understand why it’s only three days, a day and a half per pilot, I don’t like it, especially since there’s no testing during the season.”

Sainz could be given the opportunity to get to know the team and the car before the pre-season testing in February – the Abu Dhabi youth test – Fernando Alonso, who would return from Renault, would be happy to send him there and then, but according to the rules, they can’t drive far. “Youth” means a maximum of two F1 start thresholds:

“It’s no secret that I’d love to take the test, drive there at Ferrari. But it depends on the interests of other teams, everyone should nod to it and even be approved by the FIA. ”

Source: Motorsport.com

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