It has been a tight week for Sergio Perez, who is leaving Racing Point, to look for a place at Williams by 2021. The news so far seemed unsubstantiated speculation, but the team’s acting boss, Simon Roberts – though trying to do just the opposite – poured oil on the fire in Portimao on Friday by refusing to confirm the retention of the current pilot pair – George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.

“I’m just not going to talk about that. Dorilton (the new owner) bought the team, nothing has changed for the pilots. Madness, how much speculation, gossip. But this is the silly season. We don’t want to say more than that, ”he said when he was first asked about it.

With another question of the same content, they tried to pull a straightforward, clear answer out of Roberts, to which he responded as a kind of stuck record:

“Nothing changed. There is a lot of guesswork. Many good pilots are looking for a seat for themselves. Dorilton bought the team, but nothing changed. I can’t say more than that. I will not say anything about any of our pilots. They both do a great job. There’s a lot of guesswork, I don’t want to inadvertently feed them either because someone always grabs some detail no matter what we say. We are satisfied and we will see what is still going on in the pilot market. ”

To the suggestion that he could simply anticipate further speculation by excluding Perez’s certification and / or confirming the current lineup by 2021, he replied:

“It’s possible, but we just don’t want to say that or that. We only focus on our race weekend. We have no news. ”