F1: Ricciardo is vying for Vettel’s trophy

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Daniel Ricciardo also holds the motorsport tradition, in which riders exchange helmets with their opponents. The Australian has collected quite a few bumps over the years, but there are still holes to fill. When asked who he would like to exchange with, he answered:

“To be honest, with Sebastian. I haven’t exchanged with him yet, and since we were teammates, it would be really good. Maybe I’ll have time for it as he still stays in F1, but if he had retired at the end of the year, I would have had to hit him too. But I still have to ask Sebastian, I haven’t told him yet. “

Recently, after Lewis Hamilton received one of the helmets of the German legend when setting Michael Schumacher’s victory record at the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, Ricciardo said he couldn’t even imagine a future gift. Really there for helmets:

“I’ve received some very nice presents, you know. When I left Toro Rosso, I got a steering wheel, which was very frank. Later at Red Bull a motocross bike, which was also an animal. So they were properly pampered. ”

“But the helmet collection is also thriving nicely. I try to change a couple every year. I collect my own, but I also like to swap with other pilots. As a competitor, this is the highest level of mutual respect, so it’s always a good feeling, we’ll see who I trade with this year. Helmets want a lot of space, so it’s time to designate a separate room for them, but that should be the biggest trouble! ”

Source: Autosport.com

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