F1: Ricciardo is boosted by rival success

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McLaren collected a total of thirty points at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, the team hasn’t had such a good weekend since the 2014 Australian Grand Prix. Not only are the Wokingians happy to perform well, Daniel Ricciardo is also rubbing his palm.

Carlos Sainz will be racing Ferrari next year in place of Sebastian Vettel, while Spain’s Daniel Ricciardo will replace him – it’s still good to be boosted by his future team’s good performance.

“They looked very good,” Ricciardo noted. “They were in second and third place in front of the red flag, so it could have been an even better day. But they had the pace all weekend. ”

“I knew they could be competitive, but I didn’t expect the good performance they showed in the race and the timer. They must have found something, it’s a great achievement. ”

Sainz said the team would have finished second in an uninterrupted, normal-running Italian Grand Prix. “We were very, very close. But honestly, we would have finished second behind Lewis in a normal race because we had a very good pace, ”Sainz said.

“We were unlucky with the safety car, after that we did a great job of catching up. We should be proud of this result, especially the pace of the car. ”

Source: GPfans.com

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