Red Bull’s time is running out, with just over a year left from his marriage to Honda after the Japanese manufacturer decided to turn his back on Formula 1 at the end of 2021. The situation of the energy barn is further aggravated by the fact that it is unlikely to match one of the remaining three suppliers (Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault).

“There are a few things you would have time to decide on,” said Team Leader Christian Horner in connection with the Red Bull motor case. “The turnaround time for engines is quite long. If we got into a project like this, it would take a lot of work behind the scenes. ”

Red Bull has previously spoken as a Plan A about trying to reach an agreement with Honda to continue to include its engines, but only if resources are frozen in Formula One, with the consent of the other teams. The Milton Keynes Guard would intervene in the matter within two weeks.

F1: Race against the clock in Red Bull 2

In fact, we should strengthen our position by the end of this month

Horner continued. “We want to continue with the engine that will be in our car next year.”

“If we could agree with Honda on the takeover of intellectual property and the transfer of the engines… It would be a pity if these engines were dusted in a Japanese warehouse,” he repeated his past thoughts. “Sure, it also depends on the rules, but we would continue down that path.”