F1: Red Bull has got to solve the engine crisis

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To put it mildly, the future of Red Bull and AlphaTauri has become bleak after Honda announced it will turn its back on Formula 1 at the end of 2021, leaving only three motorists (Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault) in the race, with none of the options. you can really count on the energy drink guard.

After that, Christian Horner swung an interesting option for Sky Sports F1, saying: despite the manufacturer’s disembarkation, Red Bull would continue to carry Honda engines, making it not only a team but also a supplier.

The more we delve into the situation, it seems to be the only solution that can work. We would try to reach an agreement with Honda to take over the intellectual property of their engine so it could be a quasi-Red Bull engine

Horner declared, almost speaking as a Plan A, the possibility of relying on the envisaged rule changes in Formula One to freeze the development of current engines after 2021. “Only then would it make sense to be an independent engine supplier as Red Bull would be,” he added.

“It would simply be impossible to fund the expense that would result from developing the current engines. So it really depends on what the rules will be like. It seems absolutely essential that current resources be frozen with new resources [2026-os] until the arrival of the

To the suggestion that there may be troops that would not go into freezing the engines, Horner responded, “It’s up to the FIA. The fact that at the end of 2021 a major manufacturer such as Honda is leaving the sport should be a wake-up call for Formula One. ”

“This leaves only three engine suppliers, which puts the championship in a very precarious position. That’s why the board of supervisors should take control, ”Horner suggested.

F1: Red Bull 2 ​​has got to solve the engine crisis

Asked whether Red Bull would leave F1 if it failed to take over Honda’s project, the team leader said that “the FIA ​​and Liberty Media as commercial rights holders should take action and do their thing. ”.

“It doesn’t do any good for Formula 1 to lose an engine manufacturer. It would be criminal to see these engines somewhere on the shelves of a Japanese warehouse, ”he concluded.

Engine overview – or why can you only count on Red Bull?

At the moment, if he wanted to, he could not supply Red Bull with engines for his main rival, the Mercedes, as the Germans will supply McLaren, Racing Point and Williams in 2021 in addition to the factory team, and no supplier can have more than four customers.

True, a Ferrariak – with Alfa Romeo and Haas – it has only three partners, but given that the Italians currently have the weakest resource in the field, it would be a dead end for Red Bull to pack up with the Italians.

F1: Red Bull 3 has got to solve the engine crisis

Thus alone the Renault which could have lost all of its customer teams outside the factory guard in recent years. But, as is well known, the breakup between Red Bull and Renault can be said to be anything but peaceful, despite their collaboration leading to four individual and the same number of constructor world championships between 2010 and 2013.

“At the moment, we are focusing exclusively on Plan A. Toto [Wolff, a Mercedes csapatfőnöke – szerk.] made his position clear, Ferrari, meanwhile, obviously has its own problems to deal with. And Renault doesn’t really want to deliver to us, ”Horner argued.

“As a team, their aspirations have changed, and so it would be inconvenient for them to supply a team like Red Bull, since we’re not a standard customer team, we’re not even a small team.”

And what about Verstappen?

Following Honda’s disembarkation, several international press outlets have reported that Max Verstappen may dance out of his contract, saying it includes a clause that he could leave earlier than 2023 without good resources. Not long after, Red Bull denied the existence of such a clause.

Reflecting on the situation in the Netherlands, Horner said: “Max needs an engine as competitive as we do. He knows this and trusts Red Bull, he believes in the program and as a team in our attitude as well. Max trusts people, loves this environment, feels comfortable in it, and the feeling is borrowed. We have the same goals as winning the World Cup. ”

Source: Sky Sports F1

Image source (s): Getty Images



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