F1: Red Bull could get a surprising engine maker

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Honda announced Friday morning that it will make it through this year and next season, then leave Formula 1. Next year, the goal will be the championship title, so before the farewell, the Japanese will develop another brand new engine generation.

But who will be the successor to Honda at Red Bull? Everyone has been guessing this since this morning, and as an outside observer, the team doesn’t seem to be in an easy position. According to a press release, a surprising option is also on the agenda, with negotiations between Red Bull and Porsche already underway.

According to F1-Insider, Volkswagen has long wanted to enter the series under the Porsche brand and has singled out Red Bull as its partner.

But he doesn’t eat his porridge so hot: a 2022 entry would be too early for Porsche. Referring to F1-Insider’s well-informed sources, he wrote that Porsche would get into Formula 1 from 2026 – meaning Red Bull didn’t really get inside.

As the rules oblige manufacturers to supply unmanned teams with an engine, in the extreme case, even a Renault-Red Bull forced marriage is conceivable, as the French will no longer have a customer outside the factory team next year.

Source: gpblog.com

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