F1: Portugal got the race at a discount

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Portugal has been included in the 2020 Formula 1 calendar redesigned due to the coronavirus epidemic, among other things, as an emergency solution, and next weekend the race will be hosted by the Algarve track in Portimao, which has only been testing F1 so far.

F1 has already been taken into account in the construction of the relatively new, modern venue, but until now the financial background was lacking, of course there was no more money, only the settlement fee became profitable.

“European races cost 30-5 million a year, but our numbers – which are confidential because of the contract – are much lower than that,” said chief organizer Paulo Pinheiro, who pointed out that they still had costs, very serious preparations behind them.

“We laid new asphalt, built new boards and bridges, laid several kilometers of cable. It was hard work because we never shut down the track completely. Formula 1 imposed very serious conditions. Our staff is only 55 people, but we are very motivated to make our dream come true. ”

Formula One CEO Chase Carey spoke this week that by 2021 they will be making a calendar “close to normal” in which there will be no room for jumpers like the Algarve.

“Many tracks have contracts, but we can hope for the possible introduction of rotation. Our track is an attractive location and the grand prize is full of anticipation, ”Pinheiro said about the future.

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