F1: Perez can reunite with McLaren

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After Wednesday’s announcement, Sergio Perez, a Racing Point racer, has a realistic chance of knocking at many teams. The Mexicans know their chances in Formula 1 are very limited, they are not at all sure to stay in the sport. “It will also depend on whether I find a project that motivates me to get 100% out of every nail,” he noted.

His Mexicans didn’t have to wait long to get his first job offer. To his surprise, it came from his former team, McLaren. However, the Woking team would not race Perez in F1, but would send the driver to the American continent, more precisely to the IndyCar series, where the team is currently represented by two papaya-colored cars.

“I’ll probably stay in Formula 1, that’s my tip, maybe at Haas or Alfa Romeo. But if you’re interested in IndyCar, we’d love to talk to you about it. I consider him a great pilot, ”said ZL Brown, CEO of McLaren, who regrets that this is how Perez’s career turned out.

Zak Brown

Brown added that although the team is currently only two-car, if all the conditions are met, they are open to putting a third race car on the battle line. “Currently, we can only finance two cars, so we wouldn’t be able to contract today,” the American confirmed.

Perez and McLaren’s previous working relationship didn’t turn out brilliantly: after his outstanding 2012 season for Mexicans, the barn that was just about to land has been knocked down. He scored 49 points during the season and his best was fifth place, but he had to leave Woking at the end of the year. He was then certified to Force India, the predecessor of his current team.

F1: Perez can reunite with McLaren 3

Perez at the 2013 British Grand Prix

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