F1: Penalties after the Turkish Grand Prix timekeeper

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The time trial of the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix with the Lance Stroll pole position and the stumbling of the Mercedes came as a real surprise, but an investigation was launched against the Canadian driver of Racing Point.

The stewards invited several competitors after qualifying, for a variety of reasons:

  • Carlos Sainzot (McLaren) for holding Sergio Perez
  • Lando Norrist (McLaren) because he drove too fast next to the yellow flags
  • and acquiring the first starting cube Lance Strollt (Racing Point), who also drove too fast on the yellow flag sections.

The bad news for Stroll is that the circle he studied is exactly what earned him the first pole position of his career. With his penalty, Max Verstappen could inherit the first starting cube: the Red Bull Dutchman won all three free practice sessions as well as the first and second stages of the time trial.

The supervisors worked quickly: as a result of the first test, Sainz received three correct start penalties and one penalty point, so the Spaniard will be able to start from 16th place instead of 13th.

Stroll finally escaped punishment. According to the explanation, the telemetry data of the car with start number 18 showed that the Canadian had lifted his foot off the gas, thus rolling away on the yellow-flagged sections. Although he ran a faster part-time in the affected areas than before, according to the stewards, he did not break the rule, because the part-times alone are not revealing enough.

More details coming soon!

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