F1: Mercedes can’t dictate to Williams

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Plenty of a week ago, Sergio Perez, who was forced to leave Racing Point at the end of the year, was also interested in Williams, and the team could send George Russell for Mexico.

The young Englishman in the Mercedes program is confident that under his contract for next year, he will be with the English team in 2021 and considers speculation only as a manipulation of Perez, but Williams’ acting boss Simon Roberts refused to confirm it before the Portuguese Grand Prix. that next year this year the couple will be sitting in their cars.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff made it clear that even though they would give the engines to Williams, they would not have a say in the pilot question:

“We wouldn’t be happy if I were sent, but that wouldn’t spoil our relationship with Williams. The engine contract is not tied to Russell, it is a completely different agreement. We have a contract with Williams in 2025, and Mercedes is known to respect the contracts, ”he told Auto Motor und Sport.

“We respect Williams’ independence. Everyone has to make the best decision for their team. ”

Wolff, however, recommends that the British corps retain their upbringing.

“The new owners want to run the team. This is only possible with good pilots, I would keep Russell in place. ”

Russell doesn’t have to worry too much, in the worst case he will spend 2021 as a Mercedes spare, and in 2022 he could even drive to Valtteri Bottas on the factory team – so far all indications have been that it was originally designed that way.

Source: auto motor and sport

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