At the moment, six laps before the end, defending champion Mercedes will lead 180 points in the constructor race ahead of the nearest “chaser”, Red Bull Racing, but if all goes well, they could end the fight permanently on Sunday.

After this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix, a team can “only” collect a maximum of 220 points in the remaining five rounds, so if Merci can increase its lead over Red Bull by 40 points or more, Max Verstappen will have no mathematical chance left.

Mercedes’s chances of winning this week’s final win are still small because Toto Wolff and his team would have to take that much away from Red Bull, or they would need a double victory with Max Maxstappen up to five points, or a “1-3” , if the rival team resets to zero, however, there has been no example of Merci beating Red Bull by at least 40 points over the past four years.

If, somehow, the feat succeeded on the Portimao track, Mercedes would break two records: five rounds before the end, no one had even managed to end the constructor’s fight, just as there was no example of a team taking the constructor’s title seven times in a row – in this in that respect, Merci is now still tied for first with Ferrari, as the Italians failed to oust the throne between 1999 and 2004.