F1: Mercedes can afford Red Bull

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Although a team can still score a total of 264 points on paper and Mercedes is “only” 180 points ahead of Red Bull, the 2020 Formula One World Championship is virtually decided, with the team reaping its seventh win in the constructors ’line, as Lewis Hamilton is not a real threat either to teammate Valtteri Bottas or Red Bull Max Verstappen.

Accordingly, Merci isn’t even struggling this year, though, it also means that, as in previous years, Red Bull will be able to catch up with the season’s hair.

“We’ve stopped working for a long time,” team boss Toto Wolff said after Sunday’s Eifel Grand Prix. “We’ve always considered this before, it’s a well-thought-out move, as it’s not possible to close things up so early in every league.”

“But the rules will change next year as well, so with that in mind, we decided to switch to next year’s car now, as in previous years, which of course will bring a change in the balance of power. I think we are always strong at the beginning and middle of the season, and then whoever develops further will be strong at the end of the season. ”

Mercedes chief racing engineer Andrew Shovlin agrees:

“Red Bull got closer to us on the timer. They were constantly approaching throughout the season. They have also moved closer thanks to the change in engine modes. I think they’re developing faster than us right now, but to be honest, we’ve seen in recent years that they’re never starting as hard as we are. Of course, I don’t even remember a season when they wouldn’t have caught up with us in the end. “

“If this trend continues, the remaining races will be more and more tense, it will be more and more difficult to catch the pole on Saturdays, to win a race on Sundays,” the expert explained.

Source: The Race

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