F1: McLaren would also vote down the innovation

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As early as the 2020 season, Formula One drivers wanted to try reverse grid sprint racing at some venues to replace the traditional and almost everyone’s favorite time trial.

Mercedes vetoed the matter before the start of the season, but the heads of the sport did not give up on the introduction, sports director Ross Brawn emphasized a few weeks ago that they would run again by 2021.

Competitors are virtually unanimous in rejecting the idea, and even the President of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Jean Todt, is opposed to reverse grid racing, but after the reform of the voting system, such changes can be passed by a simple majority next year.

In F1 and FIA 10-10, the teams have one vote per head, and Todt said he will hold the majority despite his personal resentment, so the big question is how many stables say yes and how many no.

It looks like Mercedes already has at least one ally, and McLaren, who will be using German engines again next year, would also not nod to the innovation.

“Whether it’s fair or not, it’s ultimately an artificial coincidence that, in our opinion, has no place in Formula One. For me, for us, Formula 1 has always been about a race of constructors, teams, riders, in which the best team and the best driver must be at the forefront of both Saturday’s time trial and Sunday’s race. If you’re not at the forefront, it just means you have to work even harder, ”said team boss Andreas Siedl.

The expert added that earlier in the season, on double weekends in Austria and Silverstone, it might still have made sense to experiment, but “I don’t see the need for that anymore in the rest of the calendar”.

Almost in line with Sebastian Vettel’s earlier words, Seidl also pointed out that instead of the reverse grid trick, we should rely on the new rules, it is worth expecting better competition from them.

“I know next season will be some kind of transition year, there won’t be big changes in the lead, but like I said, things from 2022, the spending ceiling, the new technical rules I think will shake the field, the competition will be sharper . That’s positive, which is why we think it’s a mistake to mix things up now. ”

Source: Motorsport Week

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