F1: McLaren may be afraid of its former pilot

After Ferrari announced in the spring that it would not renew its contract with Sebastian Vettel, the pilot market was set in motion, with Carlos Sainz from McLaren being replaced in his place by the German, while the Woking team beat Daniel Ricciardo from Renault. In July, it was also revealed that the Australian will be replaced by Fernando Alonso, who is returning after a two-year absence, with the French team in 2021.

This year, Renault and McLaren – as well as Racing Point – are fighting a serious battle for the best in the midfield, and McLaren CEO sees a tough fight ahead for them next year, Zak Brown is well aware of what Alonso is capable of in F1. , he also worked with the Spanish 24 hours a day at Indycar and Daytona.

“I really enjoyed racing with him. We have a great relationship. Unfortunately, we experienced a lot more bad than good on the field, and it doesn’t have a very good reputation, but I’ve never experienced that. Everyone said it was hard to deal with him, but I found it very easy to work with him, ”Brown said of Alonso on Peter Windsor’s YouTube channel.

“His work ethic and intelligence are unmatched, I think he will be a very tough opponent at Renault. Perhaps the most versatile racer, for sure, of those I’ve worked with in Formula 1 so far, I am confident that next year will be fast, hard to beat. ”

Of course, Brown also appreciates Ricciardo, who comes to them:

“I know Fernando rates himself in nine areas out of ten. But Daniel is also super on a lap and race. Aggressive. Until they just sit in the same car, we’ll never know which one is better, but I don’t think it’s faster than Daniel at the moment, so I’d say it’s a draw, and of course I’m pushing for my own driver. ”

Source: YouTube/Peter Windsor

Image source (s): Renault F1 Team



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