F1: Luck smiled at Ferrari in Mugello

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Ferrari performed better in the Formula 1 Tuscany Grand Prix timeline than in the qualifiers of the last two Grand Prix weekends. Of course, this result is also far from what Scuderia wants, but it can be considered a success that Charles Leclerc managed to get to Q3, and Sebastian Vettel did not have to get out of the burgundy-painted racing machine after the first stage. and in the pre-race time trial.

“I’m very happy with my last nail. Fifth place was the best we could achieve today, ”Leclerc said after lowering his qualification. The Maranello’s outstanding result in terms of Ferrari’s form is mainly due to Esteban Ocon: Renault’s Frenchman lost control of his car at the end of Q3, just behind Leclerc, causing a yellow flag. Because the others had to slow down, they had no chance to make amends.

“I didn’t know about it,” he said of the case, which is also the result. “Regardless, I’m happy with the car, we did a good job of adjusting the balance. In Monza, we suffered massively in this area, but today it was a strong point of the car. We have to pay attention to tomorrow now, ”he concluded.

Sebastian Vettel

He also managed to get his teammate Sebastian Vettel by the end, but the German, who finished in 14th place, was understandably not in the mood for a word of mouth. “It’s a constant struggle, but it’s been like this all year. We will do everything we can, try to understand the car. I am also trying to do my best to adapt to the car, but there is still a lot of work to be done, ”the four-time world champion explained.

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