While Mercedes pulled their seventh constructors’ world title in a row this year – breaking Ferrari’s record so far – and Lewis Hamilton’s another victory is guaranteed with them, the Scuderia is in the 6th place in the World Championship with a long-seen poor performance, closer to the chasing Alp to the teams in front of them.

Charles Leclerc signed a contract with Ferrari until Christmas last year until the end of 2024, but for the time being, he doesn’t mind that, just as he doesn’t want to switch to Mercedes.

“Mercedes does a great job, so I respect them very much. But I would rather stay with Ferrari, where I will do my best to get the team back to where they belong, ”Monaco told German Sport Bild.

Ferrari’s weakest point this year is the engine, a tricky resource last year that had to be thoroughly “dropped” after FIA inspections and tightening. Leclerc says he doesn’t even want a Mercedes engine behind him.

“No no! I drive at Ferrari and I am also very proud to be a racer for such a legendary Formula 1 team. At the moment, I just want our engine, our team, to be at the forefront, and I am convinced that it will succeed. ”