Mercedes Lewis Hamilton the punishment he received has heated his emotions in F1.

Hamilton received a time penalty at the start of the Sochi race and a total of two penalty points. However, Hamilton’s penalty points after the race were revoked and replaced by a $ 25,000 fine imposed on the Mercedes team.

One of the related discussions has revolved around the race as a judge Mika Salon around, as C Moren’s narrator Niki Juusela could guess Hamilton’s punishment before the start of the race.

– There is no official information yet, but probably twice in five seconds is the verdict for Lewis Hamilton. In addition, two points for the license, which means that Hamilton would get a driving penalty for the next race, Juusela explained before the start of the race.

– I saw it right now. That is, the full 12 penalty points are full, which would mean, according to our data, which C Morella has, that Hamilton is not driving at the Nürburgring.

There has been a lot of speculation in the social media about whether Salo leaked information about the jury to C Morelle. The broadcast described by Juusela has been distributed in Reddit, among others.

The matter was taken up by, among others, the editor-in-chief of Christian Nimmervoll, which called for Monday ‘s release in their opinion text Salo kicks if the allegations are proven. Nimmervoll hardly referred to a clip published in Reddit in C More’s broadcast.

The accusations are significant from a betting perspective, for example. Also a German giant magazine image wrote that if the accusations were true, Salo could lose his job.

Salo responded to the discussion on the matter to Iltalehti.

– All I have to say is that it’s full of shit. Anyone online can write what they amuse, and it would be worth checking out the facts and asking them where they got their information, Salo said.

– Online writing is really silly anyway. Without better information, things will be addressed.

Mika Salo has also worked as a C More F1 expert.

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“Death threats”

According to Salo, the problem with the judge’s work is that not everyone can be pleased.

– Then those who get angry write shit. For example (Max) Verstappenin after a thing in the usa a couple of years ago, i got death threats for a year. Just normal shit grinding.

Salo referred to the 2017 U.S. race, when the race jury awarded Verstappen a time penalty.

On Sunday, Hamilton dropped to 11th place at worst due to a ten-second time penalty, but eventually struggled himself to third place in the race. Hamilton, who started from the pole position, was one of the pre-favorites to win.

Hamilton was penalized for making practice starts in a forbidden place before the race.

The world champion himself was amazed at his punishment.

– Where does the rule book say so? the British wondered on team radio.