F1: Japanese driver tries out Red Bull

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Although the F1 hopes of their Formula One youngster, Cunoda Juki, seemed to have dashed after Honda’s departure was announced, apparently there is no such thing, the 20-year-old driver will soon be driving at AlphaTaur.

Cunoda is already past the test, after the Grand Prix of Emilia-Romagna in Imola, and on November 4 he will test with the Red Bull smaller team that he will be in Formula 1 free practice after reaching the 300 km F1 driving distance. move on (sometime this year).

“My primary goal will be to reach 300km. I don’t want to throw away, smash the car, because the more I drive, the better I can get to know F1, so I’m not going to strain. I trust it will go, I will drive as usual. I will focus on the work, but in the meantime I will also enjoy my first Formula 1 day. I’m sure to get excited as I wait for the green signal at the exit of the pit lane, ”said the Japanese talent.

The introduction of Cunoda in F1, or even its possibility, is not guaranteed in order to obtain a competition license, the so-called obtain a super license, you must also collect the necessary points to do so, and to do so, you must finish in at least 4th place in the Formula 2 Championship at the end of the year.

“As I said before, 4th place is the minimum goal, but I’m a car racer, so I want to win, to finish in first place. I’m sure the Formula 1 test will add extra motivation and confidence to this, ”Cunoda said.



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