Lance Stroll took the first pole position of his career at the Turkish Grand Prix, also leading the race for a while. However, after his second wheel change, he sank into the field like a stone thrown into the water, eventually finishing only ninth 72 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton.

Immediately after the race, Stroll did not understand why his tires were shot, the team has since found the cause of the unusual error.

“During the normal post-race disassembly, we found damage to the bottom of Lance’s first wing, which contributed significantly to the graininess experienced during its second and third stages,” Racing Point wrote in a statement.

“Lance has been complaining since the 17th lap about the performance of its tires as well as significant understeer. On lap 36, he switched to fresh intermediate tires, but that didn’t solve the problem, and the graininess became even more severe. ”

“Due to the plate detached from the bottom of the wing, the first clamping force was significantly reduced. During the race, we saw in the data that the clamping force decreased, but since we could not identify any visible damage on the wing, along with the circumstances, we could not be sure that the data was correct. ”