F1: It might have hurt Bottas now

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Formula One sporting leader Ross Brawn also included Mercedes and Red Bull runners-up in his regular post-race evaluator, though he painted a whole different picture of Valtteri Bottas and Alexander Albon after the Tuscan Grand Prix.

Bottas overtook his teammate Lewis Hamilton, who started from pole, at the (first) start of Sunday’s chaos race, but the Englishman took the lead on the first restart, and the Finn tried nothing in vain, unable to make the defending champion.

“Bottas is leaving Tuscany saying he should have taken the trophy due to the winner, as he was in great shape when he handed the lead away from Hamilton. But then he let the victory slip out of his hands, it will surely be hard to digest that he got out of the defending champion again. It will definitely hurt, he will ask himself what he still has to do to beat his teammate, ”Brawn began.

“He’s still on paper in the championship fight, but his chances are getting worse with each race. It’s a mental struggle now, as it has its pace. But Lewis is ruthless, taking advantage of every situation, rarely passing anything on to opponents. ”

While he rated the race as a blow for Bottas, Brawn believes Albon could have done well in 3rd place in Mugello.

“Alex Albon got hot and cold this year and must have cut in when he saw Red Bull’s predecessor, Pierre Gasly, take his first Formula One race victory the previous weekend while not scoring a point. In Mugello, on the other hand, he produced a beautiful competition, and he had to work properly for the result. Some of his overtaking was brilliant, especially against Daniel Ricciardo for third place. ”

“In the person of Max Verstappen, Albon has an outstanding teammate, he will always be in a difficult position next to him, as if anyone were in his place. I think he’s doing a good enough job of being able to hold his seat, and this podium can do wonders for his self-confidence, ”the F1 boss summed up.

Source: Formula1.com

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