F1: He played for survival, Hülkenberg became the rider of the day

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Nico Hülkenberg himself wouldn’t have thought he was sitting in a Formula 1 car over the weekend, but a phone call at 11 a.m. Saturday changed everything. Lance Stroll was unable to start due to his mysterious stomach ailments, and Otmar Szafnauer alerted the German, who had already proved his worth at Silverstone, again.

Without any preparation, Hülkenberg was cut into the deep water, but at the Eifel Grand Prix it was proved that this time the Racing Point did not put a bad horse either, that he was entrusted with the sudden task: he finally climbed to eighth place from the end of the field, collecting four more points in the 70 He won six of them at the Anniversary Grand Prix – he did it all by injuring his car at the beginning of the race:

After a while, it also detached from a piece of Hülkenberg’s wing end, which caused severe vibrations when it reached the asphalt. (Photo: Gianluca D’Alessandro / Twitter)

“I didn’t even realize what had happened in the last 24 hours, I didn’t have time to think,” the German said after the knock. “My start wasn’t the best, I tried to be careful and then I just tried to concentrate on myself, pick up a good rhythm and drive across the border. I was the last to change wheels, and I feel like the protracted first stage also contributed to the success. ”

F1: He played for survival, Hülkenberg became the competitor of the day 4

“It was completely unexpected for me, but I appreciate it and I’m happy. After all, it was a different track, with different impressions as well as the car and corners. I needed time to get used to it, but I only had the opportunity to do so in the race, those four laps on the timer didn’t help. ”

„[A leintés után] I was told on the radio that this is how Racing Point is third in the constructor points race, which is great, ”Hülkenberg continued. “The season isn’t over yet and we didn’t expect that at the beginning. I’m glad I was able to contribute a little bit to that. ”

F1: He played for survival, Hülkenberg became the competitor of the day 5

After another great performance, of course, the question arose as to whether Hülkenberg would return to the field in 2021. “I love to race, that’s my passion. I want to come back here, but only under certain circumstances and when I get a good opportunity. Sometimes there are reconciliations, sometimes less, but nothing is decided yet. Time will tell what will happen, ”he said on a topic that interests many.

In any case, in the official Formula 1 public vote, 34.7% of fans chose the last-minute driver as the best in the race – while performance was strong with Daniel Ricciardo (17.6%) on the podium with Renault and Michael Schumacher on record. Lewis Hamilton (8.4%).

Source: Formula1.com, Gianluca D’Alessandro/Twitter

Image source (s): Getty Images



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