Already next year, Racing Point Mugello, which races as Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel, has made its first major development package this year, which included new side boxes, a floor plate, front wing, engine cover and brake radiators, among many others. Only one of the new package was made and it was fitted to Lance Stroll’s car.

The Canadian certainly had a major accident at the race due to a puncture, essentially the car and the new parts with it were completely damaged. This jeopardized the plan to run Sergio Pérez with the new package at the upcoming Russian Grand Prix.

Racing Point wants to keep the original plans, but to do that, it needs to speed up production processes. If only one package can be produced again next week, Stroll will probably get it again because he is better in the league.

“We have to work very hard to have enough parts for both of them in Russia,” acknowledged Team Chief Otmar Safnauer.

Stroll competed for the podium at the Tuscany Grand Prix, according to Szafnauer, the package brought the expected progress. “Of course, it’s hard to say exactly how much it meant. We expected two to three decimal places of progress from the package per round, and we certainly saw such a difference in performance. ”