A few years ago, Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 work, in addition to his responsibilities, traveled the world all the time, flying every few weeks to the US and other places. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, his life also slowed down this year, which he eventually liked so much that he already wanted to reduce his F1-related tasks, moving to a calmer rhythm.

“This year was instructive because of the epidemic. I had plenty of time for myself, spending a lot of time at home, in my bubble. Which, of course, wasn’t always good, but it also provided an opportunity to think. ”

“I think my life used to be too hectic. Rush from one race to the next, from one event to another. It was too fast. I do not want to return to this even after this situation is hopefully over, ”he explained.

“When we finally start the new contract, it will also be a topic in the negotiations. Maybe they’ve heard something like this from Toto, too, and he realized that time is running out, even though the family is the most important thing, ”he noted.

Hamilton’s mercedeses contract expires this year, but the 36-year-old Englishman is only dragging and postponing extension talks, perhaps sitting down to negotiate after the season ends.