Lewis Hamilton may not work with the best legal experts, as the 44IP company, which manages the competitor’s commercial rights and trademarks, has filed a seemingly nonsensical claim with the European Union’s Intellectual Property and Trademark Authority (EUIPO).

The Hamiltonians wanted to prevent Hamilton, which now belongs to the Swatch Group and has been manufacturing watches since 1892, from receiving trademark protection in the European market for the distribution of various accessories.

F1: Hamilton wanted to ban his name, he laughed 1

One of Hamilton’s most popular models, the Khaki Field King (Photo: Hamiltonwatch.com)

Despite its English name, which is well-known among fans of horology and watch fans, the Swiss manufacturer’s task was not difficult. It is also acknowledged that it has been on the market for almost 130 years, actively before the birth of the F1 star (1985), who, as a natural person, is not automatically granted trademark protection anyway.

Lewis Hamilton loved / want to launch more products under the name of the seven-time world champion pilot, including smart watches, among other accessories, and the stillborn attempt was due to the latter.