F1: Hamilton received a touching gift

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Mercedes’ home race, the Eifel Grand Prix of Formula 1, came to a close: although Valtteri Bottas, who started off pole position, was eliminated in the quarter, Lewis Hamilton set Michael Schumacher’s long-held record with his 91st victory, increasing his lead to 69 points this year with his seventh success. headed. Max Verstappen finished second with Red Bull and Daniel Ricciardo has won Renault’s first podium since 2011.

After the countdown, former Formula One driver David Coulthard conducted interviews with the podium finishers.

A special gift in addition to the record setting

After setting his father’s record, Formula One champion Mick Schumacher handed Hamilton one of the seven-time world champion helmets he used in his last 2012 F1 season when he raced with Mercedes.

“Congratulations and you get this from all of us” Said Ferrari academician Mick as he handed Hamilton the red headgear and then added about setting a record set 14 years ago: “Great performance!”

“I don’t even suddenly know what to say” The 35-year-old Briton reacted in surprise to the gesture. “There was a game called Grand Prix 2, and I remember I always played with Michael in it, and seeing its dominance, I wouldn’t have thought anyone could get close to Michael’s records, and especially not that I was doing just that.”

“It’s an incredible honor for me, it will take some time for me to digest this. I actually only realized that I had settled when I had already come into the box. That’s not what I counted when I crossed the finish line, but it wouldn’t have come together if I didn’t have a great team behind me. ”

“Thank you very much and Michael is very honored” Hamilton added, turning to little Schumi.

The race was judged by Mercedes defending champion and six-time world champion as follows: “It was a good start, I managed to get to Valtteri’s side, but I tried to leave him as much space as I could. He was right in the dead room, so I stretched out, he did an impressive job. ” He praised his teammate.

“It wasn’t an easy race, Max drove extremely well” He pointed out how much his Dutch rival had threatened his victory. “We could see what pace he dictated at the end. We managed to control a serious battle. ”

Verstappen is happy with second place, Ricciardo has won

Max Verstappen feels there was no more than second place in this race. “Overall it was a good race, I tried to keep up with Lewis. We had a good pace, I tried to run my own race. The Mercedes, on the other hand, was a little too fast compared to us. Nevertheless, I ran the fastest lap, which I am happy about, as well as the second place. ” The Red Bull pilot summed up.

“The asphalt was very cold and the tires were the same after we left the pit lane. I don’t understand why the safety car phase took so long. It was very dangerous because of the cold tires. ” He remarked about the safety car phase.

F1: Hamilton received a touching gift 4

“It’s just been time! It’s like I’ve been on the podium for the first time in my life. “ – started Daniel Ricciardo, who took the podium for the first time since the 2018 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. “It’s been two and a half years after all, but it feels really good to be here again now. I’m very happy and I see everyone else as that, but we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I think everyone will growl. ”

“That’s right, it’s going to happen” He referred to the tattoo of Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s probably going to have something to do with me, some German beating, because that’s where we did it. ”

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