F1: Hamilton licks his wounds!

As is well known, before the start of Sunday’s Formula One Russian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, who drove from the pole to his record-breaking 91st race win, was put under scrutiny for failing to make a test run twice in a row at the designated spot.

In Round 16, the result was also achieved: the Englishman was hit with two 5-second time penalties and then awarded 1-1 penalty points, although these were later withdrawn after it became clear that he was in the wrong place with the team’s clear approval.

Although Hamilton, who eventually finished in 3rd place, suspected a conspiracy, he said the judges were trying to stop him and Mercedes, it was clear enough that he and the team were not attentive enough.

In his usual weekend review, Formula One sports boss Ross Brawn recommended self-reflection, self-criticism to the Hamiltones.

“In its place, I would retreat, lick my wounds, and think about how I can avoid such incidents in the future,” he wrote of the six-time world champion.

“I know about the team that this is exactly what they will be doing. I know a lot of people from my time there, they will surely recognize that they have made mistakes, ”said the unit, who was already leading the company in the Honda / Brawn GP era and then from the arrival of Mercedes in 2010 until the end of 2013.

“Unfortunately, mistakes can always occur, the question is how we react. It’s easy to believe that the whole world is against us, but there’s almost always something that could have been done differently, there’s always something to learn, ”Brawn concluded.

Source: Formula1.com

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