F1: Hamilton is happy for his teammate

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Lewis Hamilton’s 95th Formula 1 pole was brought to qualify by the Tuscany Grand Prix after Valtteri Bottas entered the final lap of the yellow-flagged phase caused by Esteban Ocon of Renault, forcing the other Mercedes to make it to second place – the difference so also can only be measured in centuries. After the swing in Monza, Max Verstappen flew the Red Bull back into the third starting cube.

The top three finishers were interviewed by 2009 world champion Jenson Button.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, 1.): “Honestly, it’s been a pretty tough weekend so far. The track itself is phenomenal, full of challenges. They could see that Valtteri was faster than me yesterday and this morning, but at the same time I was working hard in the background to improve my arcs and settings. My engineers and mechanics did a great job, so I finally managed to put together the circle I needed. Valtteri worked great, pushed me, but I’m so glad the pole is mine! ”

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes, 2.): “The yellow flag definitely crossed me. Yet there was more in me, I just didn’t have a chance to prove it. That’s why I’m disappointed because I was fast all weekend. Tomorrow will be a long way to turn 1, the headwind can still help me. ”

Max Verstappen (Red Bull, 3.): “Personally, I didn’t expect to fight for the pole, but overall, this weekend has been encouraging so far. We managed to cut back after Monza so we can be happy with third place now. The wind stalled a bit in Q3, so the first nail wasn’t something impressive, the second was a little better. I think the track was the same because of the wind, it’s pretty tricky. It’s amazing to drive on this strip of asphalt, so this timer still offers something special. ”



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