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At Sunday’s Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton took the 91st race victory in his Formula One career, breaking Michael Schumacher’s long-held record.

Ross Brawn, who also works as Ferrari’s technical chief with Schumacher, as Mercedes’s team boss with Hamilton, and as F1’s sports chief, in his usual race evaluator, of course, also set a record setting and the two drivers.

“Lewis completed a race to teach, catching up with Michael Schumacher in the number of victories. Remarkable result. Michael has always said that records are there to break them, but I confess that I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. And I don’t think Lewis will stop here. Based on its shape, it will put the bar at an astonishing height in the next few years, ”he began, pointing out that despite the same results, these are two very different people.

“Michael as a racer was very dramatic, but off the track he was a distinctly quiet personality. Lewis is almost the opposite: a quiet killer on the field, but outside, the sparkling character comes to the surface. We couldn’t find two more different characters either, but at the same time, they both achieved an amazing thing. ”

Source: Formula1.com

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