F1: Hamilton is among the most influential people in the world

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The year 2020 is about the coronavirus epidemic and the anti-racism, equality and human freedoms that have started from there, but have become a topic everywhere, due to the US’s worldwide influence in recent decades.

With his environmental awareness, veganism, Black Lives Matter activism, the six-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton of England is perfectly present, so it’s no wonder that American TIME magazine is the world’s 100 most influential, selected based on the criteria mentioned above. classifying his man list also posted this year.

The characteristics of those selected for the list were written by a celebrity, a celebrity, a professional, and Hamilton was praised by American NASCAR colored leather racer Bubba Wallace.

“I idolized Lewis Hamilton. He is on the verge of a seventh F1 World Championship title, breaking Michael Schumacher’s record. In motorsport, the magic number of the week, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Jimmie Johnson and Richard Petty also won seven NASCAR championship titles each. At the age of 35, Lewis is still young enough to win additional championship titles, set new records, ”the pilot began his explanation to an American audience less familiar with F1.

“I’m the only black racer in NASCAR’s top category. Lewis is the only black (actually a mixed race, from a white mother, a black father, old-fashioned mulatto – ed.) As an F1 racer, I am a particularly important role model. It proves that we are present, we do it. By dominating almost every single weekend, it encourages me to do the same. ”

“His activism has moved the world too. Lewis has brought international attention to the Black Lives Matter movement through his social media campaigning and F1 race weekends. Lewis ’psychic readiness, his aura, the fact that he uses every possible platform to eradicate racism not only makes him an example for car racers and other athletes, it inspires everyone,” Wallace concluded.

Source: Time

Image source (s): Getty Images



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