F1: Haas doesn’t count on the Ferrari youth

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Tomorrow, Ferrari motorcycle partners Alfa Romeo and Haas will feature two Italians, Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott, who are in the top two of the 2020 Formula One Championship, in the first free practice of the Eifel Grand Prix.

Today, almost everyone treats it as a fact that little Schumi will be the driver of the Alpha from 2021, but Haas, who is still open next year’s line-up, is far from having a leased place for Ilott, and has not even nominated yet, the team boss Günther Steiner said.

“He’s not on the list because he’s a Ferrari driver, we don’t count on him. I don’t know what to do with it, what their plans are, but it’s not on the list at the moment. I respect, being second in F2, which means it’s pretty good. But I met him first this morning, quite briefly, we will have a meeting in the afternoon, and then I will get to know him a little better, ”he explained.

“I’m honest, so I said he’s not on the list today, but he might be on it tomorrow. True, this will not depend on your training results. Of course, if you do something you shouldn’t, crash the car or something, you certainly won’t get on it. ”

In addition to Schumacher and Ilott, Ferrari has another talent to lead in Formula 2, with Russian Robert Svarcman also getting a training opportunity this year.

“They’re in the fortunate position of having three good youngsters, and they’ve obviously gotten into this position because they were willing to invest in these guys,” Steiner said of this.

“Because of the engine, we’re in an alliance, so if we want a pilot, we’re interested in them first. But they can attribute this situation to themselves, we have no obligation other than cooperation on the engine. I don’t know how they will solve their problem, but thank heavens it’s not my problem! ”

Haas has been competing with the unchanged Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen, since 2017, and one of them – Grosjean – will almost certainly be forced to leave, but they can even replace both. There is a choice, in addition to the young people available from Ferrari, there are also experienced drivers on the market, such as Sergio Perez, who is leaving Racing Point, or Nico Hülkenberg, who is looking for a way back.

Source: Crash.net

Image source (s): Twitter/Haas F1 Team



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